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Low Energy Photon Light Therapy
System includes Scanner for point location and Therapy unit with 2 power light clusters,24 red diodes and 24 infrared diodes in each,all digital.It comes in a great case and other accessories are available.



Integrative and Complementary Healthcare products and services for people and animals. Vibrational Therapeutic Technology and non-invasive healthcare products.Services include, Vibrational balancing from a distance for overall wellbeing and healthcare.Consulting for Spa's and Integrative Healthcare Centers.

The CEM-TECH is a SE2 class Medical Device in Europe, Using Millimeter wave Technology for people and animals.

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The Chromalive color light pen with 7 natural color pigments and natural quartz crystal tips. The light passes through the color and quartz crystal for acupuncture points or body zones. 

EVOLUTION MXD A very well made instrument, made in Mexico, for use as a Homeopathic Simulator. It has a setting for copying the vibration of any substance to a neutral carrier like lactose pills or alchohol water.

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